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        THE THISBE

        Blending the tones of clay, burgundy and terracotta. A vibrant backdrop with depth and texture.


        Living into the houses next to one another in the city of Babylon, Thisbe & Pyramus fell in love despite being forbidden by their rivalling families. They would whisper their love to each other through a single crack in one of the walls and one day arranged to meet under a mulberry tree to declare their love for one another. Thisbe arrives first and was scared to find a Lioness, fresh from a kill under the tree. She flees leaving her veil behind which the Lioness pounces on. Pyramus arrives soon after and is horrified, presuming Thisbe was killed by the Lioness. So, in his grief, kills himself by falling onto his sword. His blood spills upon the mulberry trees white leaves and stains the berries. Upon her hesitant return, Thisbe finds Pyramus’s body and weeps, she too then kills herself with his sword. The Gods hearing her lament and decide to forever change the colour of the mulberry fruits into the stained red colour to forever honour forbidden love. Does this give you a little bit of Romeo & Juliet vibes? I think so too..


        It is an honour to create art for you. Each of my backdrops are handmade by my very hands in my little studio in Old Amersham, from the cutting of the fabric, painting, sewing, packaging and heading to the postoffice. I’ve taken months in developing and designing these and my heart is poured into every one.
        Each is made with natural linen fabric which has a different weave with every roll. Using a mixture of mediums to achieve the soft, mottled finished adored by stylists, photographers and creatives a like, the backdrop is therefore not waterproof and can be stained by water, much like natural silks. After much testing, I prefer to keep the paint light but full coverage to ensure the backdrops also do not become too heavy or a pain to fold back up after use. Your backdrop is folded lightly when packaged for postage and this does mean there might be natural creases within it, so please allow 2 days hanging for the folds to natural drop, another option is to iron on the back using a thin cloth. I usually find it’s safe to iron directly onto the paint, but with your backdrop you might be a little more precious of it. Use the cotton setting on your iron.
        From emailing your order to me through to sending your beautiful backdrop to you, takes approximately 2 weeks however slightly longer if the studio is busy. Please email sundari@sundariferris.co.uk to check studio scheduling and lead times.
        Unfortunately due to the process of these backdrops I am currently unable to take rush orders but what this does mean that your backdrop will be one of a kind and unique just as each story is no matter who is telling it. I can take bespoke orders for an additional fee so just head to my contact page to get in touch. As I am a one-man-band, it’ll take me 3-4 working days to get in touch.
        If you’d like to read more about the process and materials then please click here.