Since the beginning of my business, I have developed my aesthetic for my brand by honing my styling and curation of visuals. I am self-taught, I didn't study "how to make things look good" I just did and slowly became aware of how my skills set me apart from those around me. I quietly nurtured it, slowly taking the time to develop and grow into my styling. Back then I didn't even know what it was called but I built up my brand purely from what I was creating.

Over the years it became clear I had a signature stylistic language. I was adding emotion and depth that I hadn't seen before from a stylist.

I was Story telling




Styling x Storytelling

This e-book is my map from root to tree how I brought a story, moodboard, visuals, a team and more together. It was meant to be short and small but it became much more in-depth with further teachings that poured out.

Be taken step by step through how I pulled together a small, intimate editorial during a 2020 lockdown

As an introductory PDF guide Styling x Story telling is targeted at those who are creative individuals such as stylists, photographers or just someone who wants to explore their creativity, whom I call 'the curious creative'. It looks at styling and story telling as a skill to add to your creative mindset. It can be used both by professionals or total newbies and will benefit both.

This is the long follow up to the first chapter of Styling x Storytelling and is targeted at those who really want to dissect how to compose and curate visuals together. It looks at different composition styles, how to train your eye, along with the different stylistic languages that you can adapt into your work along with the techniques I use to build up my visuals.

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