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        Since the beginning of my business I have developed my aesthetic for my brand by honing my styling and curation of visuals. I’m self-taught, I didn’t study how to “make things look good” I just did and slowly became aware of how my skills set me apart from those around me. I quietly nurtured it, slowly taking the time to develop and grow into my styling, back then I didn’t even know what it was called.


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        As an introductory PDF guide Styling x Story telling is targeted at those who are creative individuals such as stylists, photographers or just someone who wants to explore their creativity, whom I call 'the curious creative'.

        It looks at styling and story telling as a skill to add to your creative mindset with information on how I go about my work. It can be used both by professionals or total newbies and will benefit both as it's a completely unique and intimate look at my skill

        I built my brand purely from the visuals I created. I didn’t have a huge marketing strategy, I didn’t have a mentor, I didn’t even have a plan, I just did. Over the years I really honed my signature aesthetic and it continued to grow. I basically began to develop what looked good to my eyes and realised it was creating beauty I’d not seen before with a depth. I was Story telling.