Styling x Story Telling guide


The first ever Styling course written by Sundari Ferris.

Additional worksheets now added!

This guide is focused around the personal skills and practices Sundari has developed over the years during editorials, events and marketing. Created for photographers and stylists but also the ‘curious creative’ as a starting platform in developing styling with story stelling.

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This includes 1 downloadable written PDF and 1 downloadable worksheet PDF. Your download links will only be available for 7 days so please make sure you download it as soon as possible.

As a student of Styling x Story Telling you will have the exclusive access to The Creative Library with styling resources and prompts along with ALL releases of further content including webinars, exercises and case studies. Finally you’ll have the opportunity to book a private 1:1 hour zoom directly with Sundari for further guidance.

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One of the most unique qualities and skills to my work has always been the  dizzying level of detail I go with my designs. It’s all encompassing to a real height. Anyone who’s been on set with me can attest to how in-depth I can be. My personal way of styling with storytelling is what sets me apart and make my work what it is.

I do not claim to be an expert. In fact this is something I learned when I visited Japan a few years ago. Even if you study for 20 years, remain a student of your practice. Recognise your expertise but there is always more to learn. Yes, I have done what I do for years but I want to emphasise I too am on this path with you. Learning and growing to better myself and my work.  I’ve always felt styling is a complex and intuitive skill to teach and have been hesitant at positioning it as something that is easily achievable in 10 easy steps or one course

So I humbly put forward to you, fellow creatives, fellow students of this intuitive world, my first ever documented course of my personal process in designing and styling. It’s just the tip of the iceberg with an introduction in how I’ve developed my story telling with real tips, tricks and actions that you can immediately try yourself

• The difference between styling & styling with story telling
• How to discovery inspiration
• Questions to ask yourself when building a story
• How I build mood boards
• My personal process envisioning a story
• Looking at story boarding for multiple scenes
• Tips integral to my process in designing a story
• One case study editorial from my portfolio with it’s developed from moodboard to final images
• Explanations on any visuals displayed in the course and how I used my process creating them
• The WORKSHEETS booklet with in-depth exercises built SPECIFICALLY to help you design, implement your thoughts and execute a visual story

PLEASE NOTE : as this is a digital project refunds are not available. If you have any technical issues please get in touch as soon as possible.