Editorial Case Study – Styling x Storytelling


Originally written as a bonus for my Styling x Storytelling students as I wanted to show how I designed a small editorial during lockdown with real time exploration my teachings shown in S x S. This guide is my map from root to tree how I brought a story, moodboard, visuals, a team and more together. It was meant to be short and small but it became much more in-depth with further teachings that poured out of me.

This case study includes :

  • Original concept development
  • Moodboard design and explaination
  • Composition exploration
  • Inspiration and composition exploration
  • Final images
  • Story concept exercises

Whether you want to see a dissection of my particular process in REUNITED along with a break down of how I built the moodboard, came about the inspiration and simple storyline, this will be the mini guide for you.

That, or if you’re just plain nosey and want to absorb some pretty 😉



The next mini chapter to show students from root to tree how to concept, implement and design a short story for telling through photography.

I dissect my editorial REUNITED that I designed and created during the 2020 Pandemic lockdown with a limited team and a short amount of time.