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        Why story telling?

        Telling stories is what binds us together as humans. Since the beginning of time we have drawn on stone walls, engraved into ancient structures, written on parchments hidden in the depths of mountains.. all to share tales, beliefs and keep memories alive.
        It is stories, myths and teachings that bind us together. I was one of those children that asked for book after book at bedtime, I’d hide under the covers reading until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I am a seeker of stories and have been lucky enough to bring them to life and share them


        What do you want to see?
        What do you want to feel?
        What story do you hear?
        So in my work, that’s what I do.
        I tell a story and I ask you with each image…
        Each of these stories and selections of images have their own life. It is for you to get lost within and create your own understanding of each of them. Whether you chose to read the writing or simply absorb the imagery to interpret what you want of them.