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        Why choose a 1:1 class?

        Designing intuitively and in a unique manner is a rare skill but sets you apart from the crowd particularly now where styling and having an "eye" for things is everywhere across social media.

        Creating evocative, meaningful but well executed visuals is something I have always prided myself in. I learn and grow with each styling, event and design I create and want to share this with others. For years I have quietly honed in on my abilities, noticing my strengths and weaknesses, worked with small and large brands and along the way creating for myself a brand that not only has created many editorials, campaigns and teachings, it has also allowed me to be creative beyond my hopes. 

        I want to look into your own skills and help you excel in the places and parts you feel need growth, whether you're an experienced stylist wanting to broaden your skill set, developing your authentic aesthetic or simply you want to begin from the ground up with me.

        Learn to grow in an intimate and safe setting


        What can I expect from a 1:1 class?

        What topics can I select to cover during the class?

        How much will a class be?

        How long and where will the classes run?

        How long will the classes last?

        What does my class investment include?

        How do I book?


        During our intimate class I will have built us a schedule derived from your requirements. We will work through each of your requests and ultimately work hands on creating, styling and you getting to grips with the real questions you have about your ideas, work and brand

        From the out-set, you help me build your 1:1 intimate class, be it covering styling, composition, directing photographers or models, designing storyboards, how to plan a photoshoot, researching suppliers and more. The list is limitless as I offer my entire portfolio of work and self to you

        I also hope to assist you creating content from our time together, so would request you bring along your camera or phone to capture. I too will capture images of our time together