a blend of white and gentle peach


Being considered the most beautiful of all mortals, he of course, caught her attention and fell in love. Selene as a Goddess was ageless, so for them to be together seemed impossibe. So, she turned to Zeus and asked him to bestow Endymion eternal youth. However, instead of eternal youth, Zeus offered him anything he desired and it was Endymion who chose agless sleep for himself. Perhaps it was punishment... regardless, Selene brought forth 50 daughters by Endymion known as the Menai. The Lunar Goddesses, each representing one lunar month for the 50 month the 50 months between each Olympic Games.

Selene was the goddess of the Moon. Each night, she would ride her chariot across the sky, bringing the Moon into it’s place. It was during these nights she noticed and fell in love with a mortal man called Endymion. There are a variety of different stories connected to them, but I will tell you just one.

Endymion himself was fascinated by the Moon, he would watch it each night. Selene noticing his fascination, looked back down at him.

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