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Blending THE darkest shade of grey with charcoal


One day, Set, was hunting and came across Osiris’s body which enraged him, ripping him into 18 pieces and scattering across the land. Isis gathered all the parts of him and bandaged them back together for a proper burial. The Gods, impressed by her devotion and love, resurrected Osiris as the God of the underworld because of his death and resurrection.

Based on the Ancient Egyptian love story of Osiris and Isis. It is said that Osiris was fooled into climbing into a box by his brother, Set, which was sealed and then thrown into the Nile. Isis, his wife, searched for him, high and low until she find the box embedded into a tree trunk, unfortunately, but it was too late. Using a spell she learned from her Father, she used her strength to resurrect him back to life so they could continue life together but he soon died again, so to protect him from those trying to harm him, she hid his body in the desert.

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