and beren

Heavenly mixture of chalky white and cream tones


She can either dwell with them in bliss forever as reward for all she had accomplished against evil or she can be restored to life again with Beren under the condition they would both be mortal. She chose the latter and they lived out their lives and have a family. It is also said, according to legend her line will never be broken as long as the world lasts. Their love story is mirrored in the more well known love tale from Lord Of The Rings, Aragorn and Arwen. A final note on what makes this story even more emotional for me; J.R.R Tolkien based the two characters on himself and his wife Edith. On their plaques where they are buried, it is engraved, Edith Mary Tolkien – Lúthian and John Ronald Reuel Tolkien – Beren.

This particular story is from one of my all time favourite authors, J.R.R Tolkien. Lúthien is an immortal elf woman and Beren a mortal man. They fall in love much to her father’s dismay whom sets Beren an impossible task before he can wed Luthien in hopes he will fail. Throughout their story, Lúthien is an active and heroic beauty, choosing love over self preservation and together the couple through many terrible odds to achieve their goal but Beren however, heartbreakingly, dies. In her grief Lúthien lays down, gives up her immortality and passes on. As she passes through the beyond lands, the Gods, give her two choices.

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