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        From the fabric mill to my studio..

        That is the beginning of each and every backdrop that I create in my little space at the end of the garden
        It gets messy and I blast my music loudly, probably to the despair of my neighbours.
        Each backdrop comes from a long roll of fabric which I cut down to size then once I receive your order. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I’ve already pre-cut some sheets ready to be painted! I then get the paint recipe ready. I use a mixture of paints to create my backdrops but my favourite one is of course chalk which makes up the majority of the the mixture to get a beautiful matte finish. I layer each paint delicately, sometimes blending with my hands to produce a textured and tonal backdrop which is unique every single time.
        What I’ve realised in the time developing these backdrops are my desire to tell stories and how influenced I am by one of my favourite painters of all time, Monet. His works in The Orangery, Paris, is one of my favourite places on this earth. The quiet hush of the gallery, the never ending paintings and depth of colour against the stark white walls. Whenever I go to Paris, I must always dedicate at least an hour to just sitting within that space. You’re not allowed to take photos inside but I don’t mind, I walk around moving so close to analyse the thick paint slicks, movement of leaves and of course the beauty of the entire scene. In school I studied in depth into Monet’s work and created my own replicas which proudly hang in my Parents kitchen. Back then, I played with layer upon layer of acrylic paint to achieve the texture I so admired which is something I find myself doing again with these backdrops.
        Once the back drop is painted, it usually takes over night to dry fully and in the morning I consider whether any additional layers or tones are needed to finish it. I’m a true perfectionist and often have to force myself to down my tools before I feel finished to ensure I don’t “over work it”. It’s then time to let it dry again and then seal with heat. Once cool the backdrop is then carefully folded, wrapped and placed into it’s very own canvas bag ready to send…

        Then it begins it’s new life with you