What fabric do you use to make your backdrops?

DO YOU TAKE international orders?

How do they come packaged when sent to me?

How quickly do you create the backdrops?

I typically allow around 2-3 weeks from the moment you get in touch. This, of course, depends on studio scheduling time. Please get in touch if you’d like to check current turn-around times.

I do! Please mention this when you first reach out to order your backdrop.

I use DHL for all international shipping

Each backdrop is folded and given it’s own natural cotton drawstring bag. You’ll receive a little care guide sheet on handmade paper. It’ll be wrapped in recycled brown paper packaging and tied with twine. Please note your backdrop might have a bit of paint dust on it as you open up, so try and open in a clear area.

I use 100% natural cotton. The fabric is unbleached and untreated so is soft, lightweight and of course, has natural fibres within the weave. This is something super important to myself as I try to create backdrops sustainably.





how portable are the backdrops?

I only need the backdrop for one shoot, can I rent it?

If the backdrop is not right for me, can I send it back?

How will I take care of my backdrop?

Each backdrop (if you’ve gone for the 3m by 4m) is around 50cm by 40cm and around 5-8cm thick so quite easy to tuck under your arm or carry in a bag (a larger one!) They can be folded further however become quite bulky! Smaller sizes are much more compact

I do not offer rental options or loans of the backdrops. They backdrops are also for private use only and cannot be rented out for commercial benefit.

I created these backdrops as heirloom pieces, special to their owner and hope that each backdrop has a life like the artist who owns it.

This is also because I do not carry stock.

With each backdrop I put inside a little care information sheet. One thing that is to note, the backdrops are not waterproof and can stain so please consider the projects you use them for.

They have been treated with heat to fix the mediums to the fabric however if you get caught in a down pour…. save your backdrop, not your hair! The colours should last for years however the fabric will age over time, but if you protect your backdrop you shouldn’t experience much colour loss.

Unfortunately not as each backdrop is made it order so I am unable to offer returns or refunds on any of the products.

Please take your time consider the colour options and looking at the images, you can always email sundari@sundariferris.co.uk to request further images of the backdrops to make sure it’s the right one for you before making your purchase.