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        "Storytelling is one of the most important things I can do in adding beauty to the world. I create emotive designs because it is in my heart to. It is my calling"

        About Me

        “Often as a child, I would send myself off into the distant dream world and found myself exploring and creating from a very young age. Fascinated with atmospheres and the way people interact within spaces, I studied Architecture before embarking on my career within the often challenging world of weddings.
        From the heartfelt creativity to the tough logistical management, I soon began my own leading styling boutique house called The Wedding Stylist. Often expanding my work into working with brands. My work featured in books, magazines and online across the world. I also took time out from styling clients to mentor and guide other small business owners in all things visual from branding to social media, something I’m equally passionate about and find particularly rewarding.
        Some of my proudest work have been passion projects telling true stories and evoking emotion in readers and viewers and hope to continue designing for stories tellers, authentic brands and artists”